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Welcome to my blog! I am a wedding photographer based out of Pittsburgh. Here you can see past and recent work. Make sure to stop by often to see the latest weddings!

August 28, 2007

Azadeh & Andrew

I spent the last weekend in July with back to back weddings at Duquesne Chapel, the 2nd of which was Azadeh and Andrew. They are another out of town couple but Andrew is orignally from here, so we went to some of the classic Pgh locations for photos. These two are so in love also, I can't think of a better word than that they were totally enchanted by each other all day. You can see more in their slideshow HERE. Congratulations Azadeh and Andrew and thank you for having me!

Ummmm..HOLY CRAP! She should be on the cover of a bridal magazine!

Azadeh was just walking past me down the aisle, look at Andrew's expression (didn't I say enchanted?)

Andrew lifting Azadeh's veil before he kissed her for the 1st time, I was definitely in the right place at the right time for this one.

Love the flowers

Another bride and groom on the ground, YES!! (all Azadeh's idea though!)

How adorable was the ring bearer! He's doing the "Home Alone" face, lol.

Their reception hall had mirrors all over the wall, you know I love reflections!

August 23, 2007

Laura & Dave

Congratulations to Laura and Dave, they had a beautiful wedding at Duquesne and an amazing reception afterwards at the Priory. These guys were another fun couple that I really enjoyed working with, and they allotted some extra time for their portraits so we were able to get lots of great shots. You can see more in their slideshow HERE, and some of my favorites below. Thank you again for having me be a part of your day Laura and Dave!

The bride...I have been blessed with brides with beautiful eyes, look at her! WOW

And our groom...

Gorgeous rings

I took advantage of the videographer's equipment.

One of my favorites without a doubt

I LOVE the shadows coming off everyone here, this was possible due to their wedding being in the late afternoon and the sun was in perfect position.

You know I have a thing for reflections if you read my blog. I love that the chapel is in this as well.

Again, look at her eyes!

The Priory's garden is called "Laura's Blumengarten" How appropriate was that?!

The Priory has a great balcony, Laura and Dave were thrilled we could get a shot with all of their guests.

August 17, 2007

Heidi & Jim's E-pics

Meet Heidi and Jim, they are getting married in just a few weeks here, I'm very excited for their day. Heidi and Jim picked one of my absolute favorite places in Pittsburgh to do engagement pictures, Station Square, and we had a fun time. See you guys soon!

They are such a cute couple

Jim decided to climb the ferry wheel

Love this one under the Ft. Pitt Bridge

They both have incredible eyes

Getting this shot was a little tough on my behalf, I had to position myself where I wasn't in the reflection, which was on the ground basically underneath a bench. It was worth it though.

August 14, 2007

Jenn & Jeff

Congratulations to Jenn and Jeff! They tied the knot on July 14th and everything about their day was perfect. I have been excited about their wedding since 2 Januarys ago when they hired me, we really clicked when we 1st met, and I had a great time capturing their day. Thank you for letting me be a part of it guys! And you can see more in their slideshow HERE.

Wow, Jenn has AMAZING eyes.

I really like the glow captured here.

I love stained glass, this is one of my signature shots.

Jenn is a 1st grade teacher, and it was incredibly touching that some of her students came to the ceremony.

I guess this is the closest thing to a beach I'll get in Pgh, not half bad though!

Look very closely, there was a family of ducks swimming behind them, aw...

I just love the lighting on this one

August 10, 2007

Virginia Beach

We took a vacation to Virginia Beach last month in between weddings and had a great time. I wish Pittsburgh had a beach! All I kept thinking was how I wanted to be photographing my brides and grooms there in the sand. Oh well, who needs the beach when you have the West End Overlook, lol. Anyways, a few of you asked for pictures, so here are some of my favorites:

One of my new all time favorite images above. There's already an enlargement of this in my living room.

Josh and Connor

My family, you're not gonna see too many pictures of me on here, but I lugged my tripod with me and took this with the timer. Getting 3 kids to smile at a camera with no one behind it is easier said than done though.

Sunrise, yes I got up at 5:00am

We went on a dolphin cruise, and I was so excited I got a shot with one's face. I love dolphins, they are amazing creatures.


Baby feet in the sand, I love it!

Chasing Seagulls, what could be more fun?

In my husband's eyes