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Welcome to my blog! I am a wedding photographer based out of Pittsburgh. Here you can see past and recent work. Make sure to stop by often to see the latest weddings!

February 20, 2009

Jenny & Chris Slideshow

Jenny & Chris

My last wedding of 2008 was Jenny & Chris's. 1st off, what a beautiful day! Jenny and Chris got married on December 27th and it was 75 degrees out. We certainly took advantage of the great weather. After a beautiful ceremony at St. Mary's of the Mount church we headed off to the Omni for an AMAZING and FUN reception. Congratulations Jenny & Chris!!!!

Before the ceremony I took the guys outside for some shots, love these!

Seriously, can you believe this was the end of December? Thank you Mother Nature!

Jenny, you are S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G!

The bridal party brought sparklers for them, love this shot!

And then Jenny and Chris had some fun with the sparklers! I had never photographed sparklers before either, and I knew you could capture images drawing with them, so before the wedding my husband helped me practice. This image definitely makes my all time favorite list:

Thank you for having me spend the day with you Jenny and Chris, I had so much fun with you guys!

February 8, 2009

Jen & Cory Slideshow

"What happened to the slideshows?" I've gotten asked this a lot, if you've followed my blog for a long time you probably know I used to post a slideshow with every wedding. Last year my computer crashed and I lost the software to make them for some time. I also was quite honestly a bit bored with them, they started to all look the same to me with the limited layouts, so I had been searching for awhile for something new to do. And so I'm excited to present a new style of slideshows!! Jen & Cory have the honors of being the 1st, enjoy!

February 7, 2009

Jen & Cory

Congratulations to Jen & Cory on their wedding! They had a beautiful winter day in December and I had a great time capturing their day!

Guys it is always a GREAT idea to send your bride flowers when she's getting ready.

My most FAVORITE "capturing the groom's expression as the bride walks down the aisle" photo ever! The look on Cory's face, you can see how much he loves Jen, and I LOVE how all the ringbearers are watching him:

Love this shot:

I admit I was a little nervous about the BIG bridal party, that's 26 people there! They were awesome though!

What a great place for portraits!

They are GORGEOUS!

And did I mention it was FREEZING and pretty icy out, you certainly can't tell from their expressions though, you guys were great!

One more by the tree with the ice-skaters:

Christy & Chris who's wedding I shot in 2007, it was so great to see you guys!!

I also got to work with my favorite videographer that day Dawn Brennan, we always make a great team.

Congratulations again Jen & Cory!!!