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Welcome to my blog! I am a wedding photographer based out of Pittsburgh. Here you can see past and recent work. Make sure to stop by often to see the latest weddings!

July 28, 2009

Stephanie & Justin E-pics

I spent an afternoon recently with Stephanie & Justin shooting their engagement session. I LOVE these 2, they are both such nice genuine people, and they have the greatest sense of humor. I am SO excited to photograph their wedding in September!

And they told me they weren't photogenic, who are you kidding!

I processed these with a warmth action, so the colors shift a bit:

Look at those sun rays coming over them!

Now that's some sunflare! What I love about doing these shots is that one is never the same as the other and you never know what you're going to get.


Doesn't that look comfortable?

Can't wait for your big day Stephanie & Justin!!

July 26, 2009

Steph & Steve Slideshow

Steph & Steve

Steph & Steve had a great Pittsburgh themed wedding on June 20th. What's not to love about that?! It was a great day, and Steph and Steve are both a ton of fun!

Beautiful bride!

Details, details!

Love the shot of Steve watching his bride come down the aisle:

Steph had one request for me, and she told me this over a year ago when they hired me -- a picture on the rock on the overlook. Done!

And even though it doesn't look like it, it started to lightly rain in both of these shots, that certainly didn't stop us though!

Their kids are going to have some amazing blue eyes, no doubt:

I asked them if they would climb into this field of clovers, "no problem!" they said. Again, I have the BEST couples. =)

Yay Pens!

Your day was awesome Steph and Steve, thank you for having me!!!

July 17, 2009

Jenn & John

June 13th took me to Jenn & John's wedding. Jenn and John let me know that the photography was of very high importance to them, and after a beautiful ceremony at Heinz Chapel they allotted over 2 full hours for pictures with me and we were able to go to several great locations. I was in my glory, as the in-between pictures are my favorite part of the day, and the more time the better! They had a great pink and green color scheme also with lots of fabulous details. Some faves below:

Check out the initials studded on Jenn's shoes!

I had to put the girl's in a green spot to go along with the color scheme, and Jenn was absolutely beautiful that day:

Mr. and Mrs., I love this moment:

The chapel doors have definitely gotten a fresh coat of paint since I was there last.

They made a quick bar stop to grab some shots and of course I followed them in to grab my own shots lol, I LOVE my couples!

There was graffiti all over the bridge piping, but I photoshopped that out and added some of my own. =)

And then one more stop to this waterfall:

Awesome reception details:

I LOVE the cake too:

And lastly this is the inscription inside John's ring, when I asked him to take it off so I could photograph it he said he wasn't allowed, LOL.

More in the slideshow coming soon. Congratulations Jenn & John, your day was so much fun!!!!!

July 10, 2009

Laura & Dave Slideshow

Laura & Dave

I spent June 6th with Laura & Dave. They had an absolutely perfect day, and I can't say enough what a high-spirited fun wedding this was!

Laura was such a pretty bride:

Beautiful flowers by April of Mocha Rose.

Dave is a firefighter, so they arranged for a ladder arch for their exit outside of the church:

Not every day you see this!

And of course we used the trucks for some pictures:

I love doing this shot:


I love using the sun to my advantage:

The cake topper piece was really cool since Laura is a nurse:

I still like to do selective coloring every now and then:

There was a playoff game that night also, and they went to the trouble of setting up a screen for their guests, great idea!!

Congratulations Laura & Dave, I loved being a part of your day!!!