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Welcome to my blog! I am a wedding photographer based out of Pittsburgh. Here you can see past and recent work. Make sure to stop by often to see the latest weddings!

March 30, 2007

Great little camera

So my oldest child turned 7 yesterday, and believe it or not all he wanted for his birthday was a digital camera (and a power ranger). Talk about following in the family footsteps, he really makes me proud! He's already taken some great shots, I'm hoping he maintains the interest and I can make him my official second shooter when he's older. So I bought him a Casio exilim:
This is a phenomenal little camera. This particular one is 7.2 megapixels, model z70. And while, I'm a Canon girl at heart, my pro gear is Canon, these Casios's are all amazing. I have one that is going on 3 years old which I carry in my purse, and it still acts like the day I bought it. 1st off is their nice size, they are nice and thin and you can easily slip it into your pocket. They also have excellent battery life, instant start up, nice big screens, and a nice sturdy aluminum body, no plastic parts. I wanted to post this here just in case any of my brides are in search of a new camera (think honeymoon!) I give these my highest recommendation. Go Casio!

March 13, 2007

Sarah and Jim

And the 2007 wedding season has officialy kicked off! I'm so excited for this upcoming year. It started on March 3rd.
Can we say hot?! I had the honor of photographing Sarah and Jim's wedding 2 Saturdays ago, and this bride was on fire! Check out their slideshow here: sarahjim (make sure your volume is on and if you linked from inside my website to turn that music off) Sarah had red shoes for her reception, and it's so ironic because I had just seen pictures a few days beforehand of a bride wearing red shoes, and I actually wanted to ask one of my 2007 brides to wear them. So call this fate. Sarah and Jim had an awesome wedding though, you would not believe how creative Sarah and her mother are, they hand-crafted so many of the wedding details, everything from gorgeous red capes for the bridesmaids right down to Sarah's beautiful bouquet. They had such a fun reception also, everyone was up and dancing, they even had a limbo going with a boa! Congrats again you 2, it was truly a memorable day.

March 9, 2007

It's a blog thing

Ok, so I've finally decided to get with it and do a blog. I'm sure some of my family members don't even know what a blog is, so just for reference it is in sorts an online journal. Here you're going to be able to see what I've been up to and see samples of my most recent work. I may talk about other things than photography, whatever's on my mind, but I assure you there will be lots and lots of pictures. So thanks for stopping by and check back often for new things!