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Welcome to my blog! I am a wedding photographer based out of Pittsburgh. Here you can see past and recent work. Make sure to stop by often to see the latest weddings!

June 19, 2009

Breanne & Matt Slideshow

Breanne & Matt

I spent May 24th with Breanne and Matt. What happens when you mix one big Italian family with one big Jewish family? A FUN FUN DAY!!! Everything took place at the wonderful Grand Hall at the Priory, which is one of my favorites venues in the city. The day was simply amazing!

I caught this shot of Bre in the mirror, love the roses:

How do I end up with such gorgeous couples?

And this was the CUTEST ring bearer ever! He hammed it up for me all day long!

Guys before the ceremony:

The details, ceremony and reception were both in the main room of the Grand Hall:

Oh yes, that is my color:

Bre, you are just beautiful!

I didn't even have to pose her, I find it hard to believe she has no model training:

Love these:

Chair dance - FUN!

Bre's mom set up this umbrella dance, where all the guest threw streamers at them, also FUN!!!!

End of night shots:

Congratulations Breanne & Matt! What an amazing day!!! Enjoy your honeymoon!!!

June 12, 2009

Ashley & Matt

I spent May 23rd documenting Ashley & Matt's wedding. I had a gorgeous couple, gorgeous weather, and gorgeous locations, need I say more. Some faves below:

Ashley's dress, simple and stunning:

3 reasons why I love being a candid photographer:

Grabbed a quick shot of the guys before the ceremony:

Any finally the beautiful couple:

You know I am always looking for unique lighting, from this one angle in the church you could see the back windows reflecting off the alter wall:

I love when the church allows me to get frontal angles:

Seriously, they are perfect:

Flowers, flowers, flowers!!!

I think this should be a postcard:

All of the portraits were taken at Simmons Farm. Every year my husband and I take our children strawberry picking there, and last year I thought "wow, wouldn't this be an awesome location for wedding portraits!" And it just so happened the farm was right in between Ashley and Matt's ceremony and reception, so they obliged my desire to shoot there. I thank the owners of Simmons for so generously letting us use their property. (and if you're in the mood for home-grown strawberries, this is the week for them!!)

The tables at the amazing Bella Sera

Matt was on a dipping roll!

Congrats Matt and Ashley!!!!

June 4, 2009

Jennifer & Brendan Slideshow

Jennifer & Brendan

I spent May 16th with Jennifer & Brendan. I love these 2, they are both so relaxed and down to earth, and I had a great time documenting their day for them. After their ceremony (and some rain which didn't phase them at all), we headed to the Holiday Inn Meadowlands for a great reception. Huge blog post because I have way too many favorites:

I arrived to photograph Jennifer getting ready, and there were 2 huge bouquets from Brendan for her. And this note:

Ok, I photoshopped the wall from hotel orange wallpaper to pink, but its my image and I can. =)

And Jennifer is just S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G:

After the ceremony they retreated to the cry room and I caught this:

So when we arrived to our portrait location it was pouring down rain. Luckily Jennifer and Brendan had some extra time scheduled with me for pictures, and after hanging out in their limo for 15 minutes the rain stopped and we were able to get everything needed.

And the tracks were really wet and slippery, Jennifer was a real trooper for walking on it in her heels!

Literally 30 seconds after we left the bridge it started pouring again, reflection in the limo:

But then is stopped raining when we got to the reception! I think someone was smiling down on them.

And we had just enough time to get a few more shots before the party.

I think this is a nice "something blue". =)

FAVORITE, U2 are Hawt!

Rings on the favors:

And our end of the night shots:

I know I like to blog my art shots the most, but more of the complete day will be posted in the slideshow soon!
Congrats Jennifer & Brendan!!!