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Welcome to my blog! I am a wedding photographer based out of Pittsburgh. Here you can see past and recent work. Make sure to stop by often to see the latest weddings!

October 14, 2010

Lindsey & Ryan

I had the BEST time in August with Lindsey & Ryan! After their beautiful ceremony in Ohio, we went across the river to Wheeling for some pictures and a wonderful and fun reception! Huge blog post, because I have a ton of favorites!

Lindsey wanted a TACKY Steeler's garter, more about that at the end of the post, =)

You can never have enough detail shots, (plus they make nice backgrounds in your album)

WORK IT Lindsey!!!

Hello handsome groom!

Left picture by me, right one by Ben: (and how cute are those kids!)

Hello chubby cheeks!

My angle:

Ben's angle:

If you ever wondered how to ensure your flowergirl and ringbearer cooperate during the ceremony, here is the answer!! GENUIS!

After the church we were headed to Oglebay for pictures, I asked Lindsey if she would mind making a pitstop at this fabulous field I spotted behind her parent's house, SO happy she agreed!

Can you see why I was happy?! One of my ALL-TIME Favorite images ever!

Ben's shot:

My shot:

And it was about 98 degrees and NOT comfortable, you guys were absolute troopers!!

Generally I like my images to be very colorful and vibrant, the edit on the left is how I normally do a black and white conversion. BUT when I looked at this picture it made me think vintage, so I made a second edit and did just that:

So classic:

Then off to Oglebay! Don't laugh, I took this from my car:

Bridal party you rocked!

While I was taking pics of the bridal party, Ben was shooting butterflies, lol. Hey it was there, it deserves a picture! Not bad especially considering this wasn't shot with a macro.

I know I made the same comment on their engagement pictures, but HELLO GREEN EYES! I SWEAR I did not color pop these, there was no need! Seriously, have you EVER seen eyes so green??!!

Left shot, my angle, right shot Ben's angle. I think he won. (hey he has a good teacher)

Same as above:

What's that? Lay on the grass in your wedding dress? I LOVE YA Lindsey!

Lindsey and Ryan hosted their reception at Wheeling Jesuit University, they did a SPECTACULAR job doing the place up!

So back to that Steelers garter. According to Lindsey, Ryan HATES the Steelers. (we'll forgive you Ryan since you're not a native). Image his surprise when he went it for the garter removal, it was pretty hilarious! Ryan, I however will NOT blog the images of you defacing the towel, lol.

And after the garter removal, the Pittsburgh Polka of course!

And one pretty sunset that night!!


Thank you Lindsey and Ryan for having us!!!! =)