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Welcome to my blog! I am a wedding photographer based out of Pittsburgh. Here you can see past and recent work. Make sure to stop by often to see the latest weddings!

April 27, 2010

Josselyn,Dan & Harlow

So I've been in business long enough now that is is BABY time for many of my past brides and grooms! It means the world to me when my past clients come back to me to capture new and special times in their lives, and I hope with all of my brides and grooms to not only be their wedding photographer, but their lifetime photographer. =)
Josselyn and Dan got married in 2008, they had one of the most well thought and planned weddings I have ever been too, (you can check out some of their wedding pics in the blog if you type their name in the search box in the corner). Recently I went to their home to photograph their newborn daughter Harlow. What a beautiful baby, and not to be sappy, but Josselyn and Dad still act like newlyweds, you can see how much they love each other, and how smitten they are with their baby. Without further ado, here is baby Harlow, 9 days old:

9 days old and SMILING!

Josselyn and Dan have a thing for bees, there was even a bee groom's cake at their wedding. Behind Harlow is a wooden pull-toy, very appropriate!

She is sooooo alert for a newborn, and she was born a week early!

Josselyn and Dan have this great stained glass in their home, LOVE this!

This is about the extent of our birthday suit shots, Harlow preferred to be wrapped up:

Josselyn and Dan love to make funny faces, they have a wedding picture I took in their living room of them making goofy faces. =) They were mimicking Harlow's "pirate face" here.



Love the picture on the left of Josselyn!

Harlow's grandpa handmade this cradle:

This whole session makes me smile! Thank you baby Harlow for cooperating so well, be good to your parents! More baby sessions coming this year!